When I got into playing Elite Dangerous about 3 years ago I realised I needed some help. The forums were a little toxic and unwieldy to navigate. Then I noticed the Communities feature in Google+ that I barely used. Searching around brought me to the Elite Dangerous Community.

I was amazed to find within this community so much passion for the game and such a friendly place to ask for help. People in a video Null Logogame going out of their way to assist others? Even giving away in-game money? Yes! It was true 🙂 We played together eventually forming an in-game group [NULL] which I still proudly wear the patches for on a jacket.

Increasingly I thought about how much this added to the game, how much I enjoyed these folks company and the sense of camaraderie if fostered. It made sense to try and bring this stuff into other games. I’ve also been a big advocate of promoting video games as a valid way for anyone of any age to enjoy. Always seemed strange to me the way fans of movies or books have no problem discussing their passion.

From that thought, I decided I wanted to create a place where people could talk about and share experiences from games with other people who were just as passionate. Also the thought of “Play it your way” kept circulating in my head as I was never a “pro” player. Hardly a groundbreaking plan but simple to start on G+ and the Good Guys Gaming community was born.

The name started as a bit of a joke for me. We are good guys and we play games so… Also, I did check that “Guys” was an acceptable way to refer to both sexes! I remember watching the member count increase. 6 on the first day, 11 by the end of the first week and then onward.

I’m really happy to say I have some great memories and made some great friends far and wide. So for me, it has been a success. Next are the YouTube channel and GGG website you are reading right now.

Some of the stuff that stands out for me as fond memories:

The competition to design our first logo won by Ronan Young. The logo is pictured to the right.Good Guys Gaming Logo 2015

Elite Meets with Max Acceleration, Justin Hamilton, Ian Stoffberg, A Spacetoy and Suzie P.

Guild Wars 2 with HeadBurro Antfarm, Ian Jefferies, Alex Hartmann, Cmdr Paws and Eldaeriel Starshadow. Who could forget THAT tree jumping puzzle or Super Adventure Box? The guild bar still stands at Lost Precipice. Let’s go back sometime 🙂

The Divison with Ronan Young, Max Acceleration and Ian Stoffberg and coming up through the ranks together. Well except for A Spacetoy who was already max level and spent many a mission rescuing us from death.

If I missed anyone or anything, but feel free to chime in and thanks for the two years so far. Here is to new friends and new experiences.