The Aemon Roche Trilogy – An Unofficial Elite: Dangerous Short Story Collection

by Iain McCafferty

About the Book:
The year is 3306. A young officer in the Imperial Navy struggles to reclaim the honour of his disgraced family, only to be ensnared in a web of political ambition, intrigue, deception and betrayal. Trapped by a desire for the redemption of his family name and his sense of loyalty to the Empire, Aemon Roche is forced to take a mission to eliminate a lethal Imperial agent determined to defect to the Federation. Roche’s quest will take him across known space, confront impossible odds, forge strange alliances and ultimately make him question everything he knows about the notions of family, duty, love and freedom…

About the Author:
Iain McCafferty is the author of this short story collection based in Frontier Developments’ Elite: Dangerous universe. Born in Glasgow, Scotland, he is a graduate of the University of Leicester with a Bachelors degree in Physics With Space Science & Technology. He now lives in Surrey, England, with his partner, two computers, four games consoles, a fleet of X-Wing miniatures and a modest collection of decorative ceramics.

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Dedicated to the memory of Iain M. Banks, a most Cultured man.