Half-Man. Half-Gazelle. All Sun God.

Hello! Welcome to Blog de la Burro. Now wipe your feet! So, Blog de la Burro, eh? What’s that all about then? Games mostly. Games I play and then the short stories I’ve written about them. Other than that not a lot except for some swearing. Enjoy ?

Current News:

Feb 2017: It’s been a funny few months. ESO didn’t stick for me and, eventually, even GW2 drifted away. An attempt to return to ED just wasn’t fun and in the Summer I found myself playing Ingress again. That took over my life until December 2016 when, facing cold weather and rainy walks, I found myself playing Minecraft Pocket edition again. This resurgence was fueled by the fact the kids got tablets and phone for Xmas that could play it, Realms was in a working state and, most importantly, Release 1.0 was out and that brought the PE version into line with the Windows 10 version. There is still some way to go to get to the PC version but MCPE is a fully supported and fully playable game that you can easily spend hundreds of hours in. Looking down I feel that this entry chimes strongly with the Feb 2013 entry in that it started with drifting away fron PC games and ending up with mobile ones instead.

March 2016: I played Elite Dangerous for a year before getting bored with the lack of stuff I wanted to do. I really believe this will change but the pace of change is quite slow and so I moved back to Guild Wars 2 in June 15. This coincided with joining a new Google+ Community made up of friends from the Elite Dangerous G+ community who felt like me. This new group, Good Guys Gaming, has become my main circle of gaming mates and I even set up a Guild in GW2 called GGG for us all to play together and we have become firm guildies and friends. March 16 saw us move over to Elder Scrolls Online together although we still play GW2 as well.

November 2014: Between March and July this year I played the devil out of the Guild Wars 2 and loved it. But then I dun went and bought the Premium Beta for Elite: Dangerous and nothing was quite the same again. After shelling out for the beta access (with free DLC for life) I bought a joystick. And then another, better joystick. And then a bigger monitor. And then some surround sound headphones. And then a big old GFX card. And then… well you get the picture; Elite: Dangerous is my new obsession and I’m showing no signs of requiring an intervention any time soon. There are no other games right now. Only Elite Dangerous matters… Follow my posts on the subject using the tag search “Elite Dangerous”.

March 2014: After a year of playing MCPE and SC (and this blog becoming a sort of mini SC information centre if my daily reading stats are anything to go by! Seriously, SC alone has doubled my daily reads!) I’m now in a much more on-off relationship with them – in SC’s case, entirely ‘off’ I spent quite a bit of time recently playing Left 4 Dead 2 again and this is still my all time favourite go-to game for pure escapist fun but recently I’ve found my way back to Guild Wars 2 and this is as much of a shock to me as it is to you, dear reader. I’m happy ploughing all my gaming time into GW2 right now but I am really looking forward to the new Elite game, Elite Dangerous, due out very soon. That and update 0.9.0 to MCPE which has now overtaken SC in terms of fun features and continues to be a really good, fun game that both my kids now play with me ? For all my ‘state of gaming’ posts follow the tag “Burro’s Gaming Life”.

Feb 2013: I stepped away from GW2 after their excellent Karka-fest in Nov 12. The game still remains brilliant fun but I’ve been busy with work and family and on top of that both I and my son have become a tad addicted to playing Minecraft on a tablet and I’ve found that I like blogging & playing from the comfort of my front room far more than from the pokey hole my gaming PC is stuffed into. Most of my posts are now about MCPE and Survival Craft ?

May 2012: Guild Wars 2 has, in its beta at least, proved to be a blast! I’m really excited about this game now although I can’t see it releasing before Autumn. I’ve cancelled my LOTRO subscription after becoming totally disenchanted with its old fashioned grind-heavy gameplay. I haven’t got free time to waste collecting pages of a book just to unlock a skill – it’s all about the immersion of dynamic events for me ?

March 2012: I’ve all but left Second Life now and have no plans to return except to help friends out with filming projects and the like. After months of obsessive playing LOTRO I’m finally beginning tire of that and find myself looking towards the soon-to-be released Guild Wars 2 to provide me with a much less ‘grindy’ experience.

June 2011: In May I stepped back from Second Life and started playing Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO). Given it was my first time in a MMO I wasn’t sure what to expect… what I didn’t expect was that I would love it so much. As I type this (June 11) I’m deep into exploring Middle Earth and loving every minute of it!

Second Life:
I came into SL in November 2006 not knowing what I was looking for – until I found it. Fun, friends & a creative outlet are what have kept me coming back, even in the darkest hours of Linden & lag induced fury. From exploring with Pinkie to joining the theatre group The Show Must Go On, from becoming a gazelle to building a jungle I’ve loved (almost) every minute of what became not my second life, but simply an extension of my first. In July 2009 I moved into Steelhead, a set of roleplaying sims in the style of 1880’s north-western American port where gaslamp fantasy mixes with mad scientists, evil tiny kitties werewolves, dragons, Tong & Yakuza wars and head-stealing ancient gods. I left both Steelhead and Second Life in April 2011 after realising I had taken my desire to roleplay as far as the limits of the city & the game would allow me.